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 Counselling and Creative Therapy

Bristol Creative Therapy offers Counselling and Creative Therapy to children, young people, and adults 10+

Counselling is a non-judgemental, confidential space in which to explore your experiences. My training is in a Humanistic and Integrative model of counselling. Humanistic means that I focus on you as a whole, taking into account all of your needs. Integrative means that I use techniques and tools from different counselling and therapy approaches to tailor a method that works for you. Overall my approach is relational and by forming a trusting, open and non-judgmental partnership we can collaborate to enhance your self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion.


Bristol Creative Therapy also offers creative therapy. You don't need to be artistic to express yourself in creative therapy. Bristol Creative Therapy can explore ways to express yourself using items such as pebbles, buttons, projective cards, toys, or use media from magazines and postcards. We can use art materials like paint, felt-tip pens, crayons, pencils or pastels. I also have a sand tray which can be used to explore your feelings using objects and items too.


Creative therapy is used alongside talking therapy by Bristol Creative Therapy and it is not compulsory - it's always your choiceSome people find creative approaches and projective techniques help to bring a different perspective on something that seems not to change or for which you have no words. In Creative Counselling I might suggest using art to explore your emotions in line, shape and colour. I might also suggest using objects to look at family relationships or to draw a timeline of your challenges and successes in life.

Creativity doesn't work for everyone, so I can do 'just' sitting and talking too. I will try to work within your comfort zone although that doesn't mean there won't be any challenges along the way.

Counselling is not about me being the expert and telling you what you need to do to change your life. You are the expert on you and I will need to get to know all about what makes you tick and what your struggles are. We will journey together exploring your family culture, the experiences that have shaped you, your relationships and where you are in your life now. I am trauma, shame, neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ informed.

Counselling room two chairs


Being in the room with me might work for you if you live or work close to where I practice in Clifton Village, Bristol. ​In-person appointments allow us more freedom to be creative in our work.


Meeting in-person has a different quality of connection than working online. For some people that makes it more comfortable, for others it can make it more difficult.


In-person sessions don't work for everyone and if you have a very busy life, work away from home a lot or have other restrictions leaving your home then you might be more suited to telephone or online counselling. ​

Online or phone

During the COVID-19 pandemic all of my adult clients moved to online sessions. Some moved to video calls and others preferred the telephone.


Online appointments might be preferable for you for many reasons and I have found it to be an effective medium for most people.​ You might prefer video calls as they are similar to in-person meetings or you might like the phone as you can move about more or if you don't like to see yourself on screen.


There are some differences with working online and I will give you plenty of information on what to expect, how to connect and how we will overcome any technical difficulties. Not everyone or all difficulties are suited to online sessions, so part of our first appointment will be for us both to assess whether this is the right medium for you.

Laptop, Headset and Mobile Phone

Counselling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will my appointment be?

  • Counselling and Creative Therapy appointments are for 50 minutes


How much do you charge?

  • Counselling and creative therapy is £50 per session

  • Limited concessionary spaces are available

When can I have an appointment?

  • Appointments are usually available in the morning from 9:30am and in the afternoon from 3pm

  • Bristol Creative Therapy is open on Monday & Tuesday all day and Wednesday mornings only


How many appointments do I need?

  • I offer as many sessions as you need based on your goals and experiences

  • I would suggest six to twelve sessions as a minimum

What should I expect?

  • Counselling or Creative therapy appointments are usually weekly on the same day at the same time

  • You need to attend Counselling or Creative therapy appointments regularly


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